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Revised: April 08, 2009


Chest Imaging:

An Interactive Tutorial

Welcome to the Chest Imaging interactive tutorial.  This tutorial is designed to assist you in the development of skills that are necessary to review Chest Radiographs that you may see on your patients.

Building on concepts that were presented in RAD 553 from the first year of medical school, these modules will help you refine the skills needed to accurately evaluate a Chest Radiograph and be able to identify findings that may shape your treatment plans.   In addition, these modules will continue to build a foundation for additional skills that you might learn if you later decide to take a Radiology Elective.

The module is divided into several steps as seen in the table of contents page.   Please  work through the modules in order, as each module will build on skills and information derived from the earlier modules.  A series of objectives for this tutorial is found on the objective page.

The modules will present a series of Chest Radiographs with a discussion of findings and observations.  Upon completion of all the modules, the student will be asked to complete a short quiz based on the materials that they have learned.

If you have comments regarding this tutorial, please forward them by email to the author.