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Revised: April 08, 2009


Chest Radiographs are an important tool in the evaluation of many patients presenting both in the physician's office as well as in the hospital.   This evaluation is considered a 'core clinical  skill'.  Regardless of your specialty, there will be times when you will be called upon to evaluate a Chest Radiograph.  Radiographs are typically obtained in two projections, frontal (back to front or front to back) and lateral (side to side).   Evaluation of radiographs require multiple steps.  We will try to introduce you in this tutorial to those steps.

At this time you will begin to apply all of the things that you have learned during the pre-clinical years to clinical situations, utilizing the Chest Radiograph as one of the diagnostic tools that are at your disposal to supplement the physical exam and patient history.

The following images represent chest radiographs in a normal young woman.  In subsequent modules, we will look at these and other radiographs in more detail.   Please  follow the modules in order, as this will offer the best utilization of your time and assist in your learning process.

Frontal Radiograph

Lateral Radiograph