Joey Eisenmann, Ph.D.

Joey Eisenmann, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Radiology



Radiology Building
846 Service Rd Rm 184

College Degrees: 

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Exercise Science
Mayville State University, 1993

Master of Science (M.S.), Exercise Science
Northern Arizona University, 1996

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Kinesiology / Pediatric Exercise Physiology
Michigan State University, 2000



Dr. Eisenmann is a diverse academic drawing from the areas of auxology (child growth and maturation), human biology, exercise physiology and epidemiology. His work broadly considers child growth in body size and function, and its impact on the health and physical performance of children and adolescents. In other words, he is interested in how children grow and mature physically, how the body changes in size and composition (muscle mass, body fat, and bone) during childhood and adolescence, how physical capacities (strength, aerobic capacity, etc.) change with age and during puberty, and how these physical traits are related to health indicators (obesity, cardiovascular health) and physical or sports performance. Areas of expertise include - assessment of child growth and maturation; youth fitness; pediatric obesity; pediatric exercise physiology; the young athlete and sport performance. To date, Dr. Eisenmann has published 140 scientific papers and currently serves on three national advisory boards in the area of pediatric exercise medicine.


Selected Publications:

  1. BL Heitmann, KR Westerterp, RJF Loos, TIA Sørensen,  K O’Dea,  P Mc Lean, T Kold Jensen, J Eisenmann, J Speakman, SJ Simpson, DR Reed, MS Westerterp-Plantenga. Obesity: Lessons from Evolution and the Environment. Obesity Reviews13(10):910-22, 2012.
  2. JC Eisenmann, KR Laurson, G Welk.  Aerobic fitness percentiles for U.S. adolescents. Am J Prev Med (Suppl) 41(4S2):S106 –S110, 2011.
  3. JC Eisenmann. Assessment of the obese child and adolescent: a survey of pediatric obesity management programs. Pediatrics 128 (Suppl 2):S51-S58, 2011.
  4. Sherar, L.B., Eisenmann, J.C., Bailey, D.A., Baxter-Jones, A.D.G. Relationship between trajectories of trunk fat mass development in adolescence and cardio-metabolic risk in young adulthood. Obesity 19(8):1699-706, 2011.
  5. T Garland, Jr., H Schutz, MA. Chappell, BK. Keeney, TH. Meek, LE. Copes, W Acosta, C Drenowatz, RC. Maciel, G van Dijk, CM Kotz, JC Eisenmann.  The biological control of voluntary exercise, spontaneous physical activity, and daily energy expenditure in relation to obesity:  human and rodent perspectives. Journal of Experimental Biology 15;214(Pt 2):206-29, 2011.


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Other Departmental/Program Affiliations:  

Co-director, Spartan Nutrition & Performance Program 

Scientific Advisory Board, FITNESSGRAM

Board Member, North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine