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Unit One
Online Lectures
Intro & Historical Context
Bio Effect
CT Technology
MRI Introduction
NM Technology
US Technology
Radiation Therapy
Unit Two
Online Lectures
Chest and Abdomen Imaging
Airway Disease
Biliary Tree
Bone Metabolism
Gi Physiologic Disturbances
Pleural Disease
Renal Calculi
Soft Tissue Calcifications
Vascular Physiologic Disease
Unit Three
Online Lectures
Inflammatory Conditions and Fetal Development Evaluation
Radiology of Aging
Fetal Abnormalities and Anomalies
GI Inflammation
Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases
Silhouette Sign
Soft Tissue Inflammatory Disease
Unit Four
Online Lectures
Imaging of Neoplasm and Trauma
Head Trauma
Pediatric Fractures
Soft Tissue Trauma
Brain Neoplasm
Breast Neoplasm
Bone Neoplasm
GI Neoplasm
Lung Neoplasm
Exam One
Exam Two
Image Matching - Unit 1
Term Classification - Unit 1
Image Modalities - Unit 1
Lung Lobar Anatomy - Unit 2
Normal Cardiac Anatomy - Unit 2
Normal Lateral View Cardiac Anatomy - Unit 2
Abdominal Imaging Exercise - Unit 2
Normal Bone Anatomy - Unit 4
Normal Ossification - Unit 4
Fracture Flash Cards 1 - Unit 4
Fracture Flash Cards 2 - Unit 4
Image Library


Course Description - RAD 553: Introduction to Radiology

Image of Chest Xray Welcome to RAD553 - An introduction to Radiology. This course is designed as an introduction to radiological imaging of normal and abnormal human anatomy. We will stress the anatomical and physiological basis of the radiological image. These radiological studies include images obtained by the use of x-rays in their various modes of application, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance.

The thrust of this course is to create an understanding of the close relationship between the normal structure in the patient and mechanisms of disease responsible for deviations from it. The imaging in its many contemporary variations is outstanding in its representation of the disease process. This course will assist the student in learning some of the basic principles of imaging pathology. It will provide an introduction to the application of imaging to the evaluation of the patient.

A few of the more common indications and dilemmas of application of these imaging procedures will be discussed, again stressing the basic issues rather than detailed diagnosis.

Required and Optional Site Materials

This site contains required lectures and optional materials. The Online Lectures are required and questions from them will appear on the midterm and final exams. The Live Lectures are optional. These are recordings of the lectures that were given live, and are provided here as recordings for review as needed. The Supplemental Materials are optional and are provided for those who want to go beyond the scope of this course. Tools to help you in the course include a library of radiologic images and a glossary of terms.

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